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St. Kilda Festival

Last Sunday we went to the St. Kilda Festival for the day. The annual festival iis Australia’s largest free music festival. I am ashamed to say that in our five years in Melbourne, this is only the second time Andy and I have gone. And, man, we have been missing out! I must say, if my parents hadn’t suggested it, Andy and I would have dismissed the festival as not very “Ella-friendly”, and too much hassle to go to. So it is good to have someone in the house encouraging us to do things, even though we have a toddler. 
We headed down to the St. Kilda early, anticipating that the crowds would build up throughout the afternoon. Our first stop was the kids area at Catani Gardens, which was set up like a small fairground. There were lots of rides appropriate for a toddler, so we bought enough tickets for her to go on five rides. (Side note: these things are pretty pricey… $25 for 5 rides! Luckily Nannie was there to treat her granddaughter!)
Pre-Ella, I never thought it would be fun to sta…

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